Treatment Methods For Gum Disease

Why Dental Implants Can Be The Better Choice Over Dentures For Many People

If your dentist has already started to talk to you about the poor condition of your teeth and how you may soon need a full extraction of all of them, you need to start seriously thinking about what will go in their place. Once all of your teeth are extracted, your choices will be dentures or dental implants. Even though dentures were the main choice for people for many years, more people are opting for dental implants. Read More 

Medicaid And Your Child’s Dental Care

Dental care plays an important role in the health and development of your child. Problems with infection, decay, and other oral maladies could have a lasting effect on a child's ability to eat and talk properly over time. Many low-income families rely on Medicaid to provide funding for healthcare. If your children are covered by Medicaid, you need to take the time to understand how this program affects dental care. Read More 

Here’s How Your Cosmetic Dentist Can Protect Your Pitted Teeth

There are dentists, and then there are cosmetic dentists. You might think that general dentists are less niche and therefore superior, but actually, cosmetic dentists go through just as much training as general dentists and then some more for their cosmetic procedures. As a result, you can expect excellent care from an average cosmetic dentist, and this goes beyond simply improving how you look. Here's how a cosmetic dentist can reverse the appearance of your pitted teeth and help to protect them. Read More 

Adult Orthodontic Treatments That May Help Your Misaligned Teeth

If you have a problem with your bite and never had orthodontic treatments as a child, then you may want to consider braces as an adult. A misaligned bite can affect the appearance of your smile, and it can also have more serious consequences. Here's why you may want braces as an adult and what to expect. Why Orthodontic Treatment Is Important For Oral Health The purpose of orthodontic treatment is to move your teeth into proper alignment and make them straighter. Read More 

3 Things to Know About Dental Crowns

Dental decay is something that millions of Americans deal with each year. In fact, among Americans between the ages of 20 and 64, a startling 27 percent have untreated tooth decay. With cavities and dental decay, sometimes a filling is not enough to address the problem. If this is the case, or if you have a cracked or damaged tooth, a dental crown may be needed instead of a filling or other dental procedures. Read More