Why Dental Implants Can Be The Better Choice Over Dentures For Many People

If your dentist has already started to talk to you about the poor condition of your teeth and how you may soon need a full extraction of all of them, you need to start seriously thinking about what will go in their place. Once all of your teeth are extracted, your choices will be dentures or dental implants. Even though dentures were the main choice for people for many years, more people are opting for dental implants. To help you decide if implants are the replacement teeth you  want, you should review the following information.

There Are No Embarrassing Mishaps

Many people with dentures have found themselves in an embarrassing moment at one time or another. It could be when their dentures started to fall out while talking with friends or when they were out at a restaurant. If those are types of situations that you would want to avoid, then you will want to opt for dental implants since they are not going to come out on their own. This is because they will be attached to your jaw by screws.

You Will Have An Easier Time Cleaning Them

With dentures, you have to buy a little storage container for them so that you have a place to put them at night while you sleep. You also have to purchase denture paste or cream and then clean that stuff off every night before bed. You have to be incredibly careful while you are cleaning them because if you accidentally drop your dentures, they could chip, crack, or shatter. When you have the implants, you will simply brush your teeth as you would with natural teeth. You do not have to take any additional steps.

Now that you have had a few moments to learn about the some of the many benefits that you will have with dental implants, you may want to discuss this a little more with your dentist. Explain your thoughts on implants versus dentures and see what the dentist has to say. They may take some x-rays of your mouth to determine if your jaw bone is in good enough shape or if you would have to have work done to the jaw before you could even get the implants. From there, you can discuss your payment options and get the process started. You will have a nice set of teeth once again in no time.