High School Seniors: Benefits And Uses For Cosmetic Dentistry Before Graduation

The final year of high school is an important one for many students. Along with your last year of learning, the time is spent in a number of activities that are special to the seniors. When looking back on your senior year, you want it to be filled with good memories, happy smiles, and no regrets. One way to help get through your senior year with all of these feelings is by visiting a cosmetic dentist at a clinic like TLC Dental Center. Read More 

Root Canal Aftercare Mistakes to Avoid

If you have an infection in one of your teeth, then you will likely need to have a root canal completed. Root canals are typically straightforward procedures. However, you will need to care for your tooth properly once the treatment is over. If you make a mistake with aftercare, then your dentist may need to complete more invasive treatments, or your tooth may need to be pulled. To avoid this problem, learn about some of the post–root canal mistakes you may make and also how you can avoid them. Read More 

How To Help Treat Your Canker Sore Issue

If you worry about overall health, then your oral health is likely a concern of yours as well. Canker sores are one problem you may need to address. Canker sores are typically not serious, and unlike cold sores, they are not contagious. The sores are shallow and small ulcers on the cheeks or gums, and they are caused by stress, spicy foods, sharp teeth, or general injury. While canker sores are not likely to lead to cavities, gingivitis, and other serious health issues, they may stop you from cleaning the mouth as well as you should. Read More 

Have Trouble Affording Dental Care In Massachusetts? What Are Your Options?

If you're a resident of the Bay State and work a job that doesn't provide dental insurance, you may reluctantly go longer than the recommended twelve months between cleanings and checkups. Unfortunately, this neglect can sometimes lead to expensive dental problems that can spread to other parts of your body if left untreated. What are your best low-cost dental treatment options? Read on to learn more about some changes that may be coming to the way dental care is administered in Massachusetts, as well as how you can take advantage of inexpensive dental treatment options now. Read More 

4 Things That Can Cause A Root Canal Treatment To Go South

If you're facing an unexpected return to the dentist's office due to a root canal failure, then chances are you're wondering what could have caused this tooth-saving treatment to fail. There are several reasons why an initially successful root canal can suddenly turn bad. The following explores exactly how this can happen, and you'll also learn about the steps your dentist may take to undo the damage. Undetected Canals It's not uncommon for an incisor or a molar to have an extra canal branch hidden near another canal. Read More