3 Things Your Family Dentist Can Do For Your Family

If you are in that stage of life when you are raising kids, then you know just how busy life can be. Not only do you have to deal with carpool, but you have to juggle homework and extracurricular activities as well. In addition to your already busy schedule, you have to take your kids to things like dental cleanings and exams. If you still take your child to a pediatric dentist, it may be time to switch to family dental practice instead. Read More 

Why A Dental Implant May Be The Best Option To Restore Your Missing Molar

If you have lost one of your back teeth, you may feel that it is unnecessary to replace it. The back teeth, although responsible for the grinding of food during mastication, are typically not visible when you smile or speak. Thus, the missing tooth may not be immediately noticeable in the mouth. Still, if the tooth is not replaced in a reasonable amount of time, problems can surface. Among tooth-replacement options, a dental implant may be the best way to restore your missing molar. Read More 

How To Maintain Good Oral Hygiene When You’re Sick

When you have a cold or the flu, it may be difficult to get out of bed to brush and floss your teeth. However, maintaining good hygiene when you're sick can actually make you feel better. When your mouth feels clean and healthy, you might feel as though you are recovering faster from your illness. While it is important to maintain a good oral health routine all the time, it is especially important to do so when you're feeling under the weather. Read More 

Why Dental Implants Can Be The Better Choice Over Dentures For Many People

If your dentist has already started to talk to you about the poor condition of your teeth and how you may soon need a full extraction of all of them, you need to start seriously thinking about what will go in their place. Once all of your teeth are extracted, your choices will be dentures or dental implants. Even though dentures were the main choice for people for many years, more people are opting for dental implants. Read More 

Medicaid And Your Child’s Dental Care

Dental care plays an important role in the health and development of your child. Problems with infection, decay, and other oral maladies could have a lasting effect on a child's ability to eat and talk properly over time. Many low-income families rely on Medicaid to provide funding for healthcare. If your children are covered by Medicaid, you need to take the time to understand how this program affects dental care. Read More