Here’s How Your Cosmetic Dentist Can Protect Your Pitted Teeth

There are dentists, and then there are cosmetic dentists. You might think that general dentists are less niche and therefore superior, but actually, cosmetic dentists go through just as much training as general dentists and then some more for their cosmetic procedures. As a result, you can expect excellent care from an average cosmetic dentist, and this goes beyond simply improving how you look. Here's how a cosmetic dentist can reverse the appearance of your pitted teeth and help to protect them.

How Pitting Happens

Pitted teeth typically happen one of two ways: you either develop them in childhood or adulthood.

If you have had pitted teeth since childhood, excessive fluoride might be to blame. While fluoride helps to harden teeth, too much of it when you're a child can cause abnormalities in the structure of a tooth. As an adult, it's more likely to be caused by a lack of good dental hygiene. Pitting is often caused by an excess of plaque as parts of the teeth erode while others don't.

Why Protection is Necessary

Pitted teeth, whether due to fluoride or erosion, are not as structurally strong as healthy teeth. For both childhood and adulthood causes, the pitting makes them more likely to accumulate food debris, which leads to plaque and tartar. You may be more likely to develop cavities as a result.

Eroded-away teeth either don't have an outer layer of enamel or have lost part of their enamel, which makes it harder for your teeth to prevent cavities.

What a Cosmetic Dentist Can Do For You

Your cosmetic dentist can dramatically improve the appearance of your smile, yes, but they can also help to prevent your teeth from being damaged. This is accomplished in one of two ways: with veneers or crowns.

Crowns are for people who have pitting due to fluoride, as well as severe tooth erosion. It's usually the best choice when you have pitting on the backs of your teeth as well as the front, as it encapsulates the entire tooth.

Veneers are sort of like half of a crown. They're a thin strip of porcelain that sits in front of a tooth and gets mounted to it with dental adhesive. They take on the appearance of a real, healthy tooth, all while protecting the surface of your real tooth that they're adhered to.

If you have pitted teeth, you don't have to keep putting up with it. Take steps to protect your teeth and vastly improve their appearance now. Contact a cosmetic dentist near you in order to learn more.