Treatment Methods For Gum Disease

Want To Stay Mentally Sharp? Be Dental Smart

Oral health experts have long advised Americans to brush twice a day, floss daily, and see their dentists twice a year. These measures are known to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. However, a recent study shows that neglecting your oral health may contribute to cognitive decline. In other words, the less often you brush, the more likely you are to blank on answers to simple math questions and memory recall games. Read More 

Why Does Your Child Have An Extra Adult Tooth?

Does your child appear to have an extra tooth in his or her mouth? Perhaps one baby tooth fell out and two adult ones came in, or maybe there is an extra tooth growing in behind or in front of the regular row of teeth. There are two possible explanations for this issue. Either one of your child's adult teeth is growing in the wrong place, or your child really does have an extra tooth. Read More 

4 Reasons Seniors Are More Likely To Have Tooth Loss

Many elderly people in the United States have missing teeth. Over 27 percent of seniors over the age of 65 have no remaining teeth. Despite the fact that having missing teeth is common in the elderly, tooth loss comes from an oral disease, not from aging. Keep your real teeth your entire life with the right oral care and a healthy lifestyle, then you can avoid these four reasons for tooth loss in seniors. Read More 

How To Help Your Dentist Diagnose The Cause Of Your Toothache

Sometimes the cause of a toothache is obvious. A visible crack or cavity, an abscess along the gums, or a clearly sharp pain when the tooth is tapped allow your dentist to quickly see the problem and, more importantly, fix it. Unfortunately, there are times when your pain feels as if it is radiating from multiple teeth or your entire jaw, and the problem causing the pain is deep in your tooth, where your dentist cannot easily diagnose it. Read More 

Shopping For A New Family Dentist? 3 Things You Should Look For

Are you trying to find a new dentist? Although you might be tempted to set up appointments for your entire family with that place down the street, choosing a dental professional haphazardly could leave you with a bad taste in your mouth. Here are three things you should look for in a family dentist and how they can make a big difference: 1: Family-Friendly Rooms When you hear the words " Read More