5 Fast Foods You Can Enjoy After Dental Implant Surgery

Dental implants create a temporary pain and swelling inside of your mouth that can last for many days. To help prevent extensive bleeding, swelling, or bruising, a dentist will often give you a variety of instructions to follow post-surgery. One of the main things to consider is your personal diet. For some people, work and everyday life life can prevent the preparation of meals on a daily basis.

Instead of preparing meal after meal, you can treat yourself to five different fast food options that will not cause harm to your new implant. The following foods are found at some of the most popular and common fast food restaurants in the United States.


Hold the fries! Ground beef, cheese, and soft breads are all common recommendations for your diet following dental implant surgery. When choosing from all different types of fast food burgers, it's important to keep it as basic as possible. The basic cheeseburger will feature a thinner patty that is easier to break down and manage in your mouth. Avoid double cheeseburgers or thicker burgers that could cause extra harm to your implant. Additional toppings like bacon should also be left out. Enjoy the burger as it is.

The burger should be ordered by itself because the crisp and crunch of fries could cause damage or bleeding to your new implant. Even a thicker fries like steak fries could have hard edges that need to be avoided.

Taco Bowls

Hard shell tacos are an obvious problem for your new implants, but soft shell tacos can also be hard to chew through. You can still enjoy taco flavors and ingredients by ordering a fast food taco bowl. Layered with rice, lettuce, and meats like chicken or ground beef, a taco bowl is full of soft foods that can be enjoyed after your surgery. Adding ingredients like salsa or sour cream can increase the softness of the food.

Breakfast Platters

A variety of fast food breakfast platters feature all types of food that are good to eat after your surgery. Consider the following options when ordering your platter.

  • Pancakes: Pancakes are soft, fluffy, and easy to chew after your surgery.
  • Sausage Patties: When cut down into small bites, sausage patties are great to enjoy for breakfast.
  • Scrambled Eggs: Eggs are soft, nutritious, and often recommended by dentists following a surgery.


For a warm and savory meal, consider ordering a fast food chili. The chili that you find at fast food restaurants often simmers all day long. This creates soft ingredients that are easy to consume and swallow.

When you order the chili, it's important to avoid the saltine crackers. The only way to properly enjoy the crackers is if they soak and become soggy in the chili. The crunch of the cracker and sharp corners can cause bleeding to your gums. If you want extra flavor, you can add extra cheese to your chili.


All types of liquids are great for your mouth following the surgery. When you have cold drinks, the colder temperatures can help soothe pain and swelling. It's important that when you order a fast food milkshake, you consume it without a straw. The sucking motion of a straw can cause problems to your new implant. Drink the milkshake directly from the cup or use a spoon to scoop it up.

When you order a fast food milkshake, stick to the basic milkshake. Avoid any extras like candy or cookie ingredients. The smoother the milkshake, the better it will be to consume. Additions like whipped cream or a drizzled topping are fine though. Those items are soft and easy to consume.

Consult with your dentist about the fast food options that you want to enjoy. They will often have tips and recommendations for your choices or the best ways to eat them depending on where the implant was installed.