Why Is Grinding Your Teeth Such A Big Deal?

Do you grind your teeth at night, or perhaps even during the day when you're feeling stressed or anxious? You may have heard this is bad for your teeth, but shrugged it off. However, the truth is that grinding your teeth really is something you need to be concerned about. Here's why. What damage can grinding your teeth cause? The outer layer of your teeth, known as the enamel, is pretty strong. Read More 

2 Tips To Reduce Inflammation Caused By Tensions Placed On New Braces During A Dive

If this is your first time getting braces, then you may not know that it takes some time for you braces to adapt to your teeth. As braces try to move your teeth into a new alignment this can feel as though your teeth are constantly sore. The soreness or pain that you feel will subside as your teeth completely adjust to the new alignment. The soreness can make it difficult to apply any kind of stress or pressure to your mouth during this time. Read More 

3 Natural Ingredients To Whiten Your Teeth And Help Improve Your Appearance

The appearance of your teeth is one of the first things people notice about you, and it can affect their first impression of you for good or bad. Cosmetic dental procedures and treatments to improve the alignment and appearance of your teeth and to lighten the coloring of your tooth enamel are a big part of today's social culture, geared toward looking more attractive and improving your physical appearance. Here are three natural ingredients you can use to whiten and improve the appearance of your teeth at home, on your own. Read More 

Learn How To Have A Broken Tooth Fixed Quickly On Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day is supposed to be one of the most exciting days of your life. Unfortunately, there are times when emergencies happen on your big day that cause you to have to need to seek help immediately. If you ate something that broke your tooth on the day of your wedding, use the guide that follows to learn what steps to take to have your tooth fixed before your wedding. Read More 

Fight Back Against Your Gum Disease Naturally

If you are experiencing gum disease, you need to make sure that you brush your teeth two to three times a day and floss at least once a day as well. There are also medical interventions that can be taken to protect your gums. However, there are natural remedies that you can use, too. Here are a few natural remedies you should try to improve your overall gum health. #1 Increase Your Consumption of Fruits & Vegetables Read More