4 Reasons Gum Health Is So Important

Visiting the dentist is essential for tooth health, but the health of your gums is an equally important reason to visit the dentist routinely. Learn why maintaining good gum health is essential, from eliminating foul breath odors to pain and tooth loss.

Teeth Protection

The fact that your gums essentially protect your teeth is one reason why it is so important to focus on gum health. In simple terms, the gums help keep teeth in place. When gum health is neglected, gum tissue can wear away and, as a result, lose much of its ability to hold the teeth in place. As a result, over time, the unsecured teeth will fall out. Proper gum health means that you keep your gums strong so that they can secure your teeth. 

Dangerous Pathogens

In some ways, you could also think of the gums as a barrier between the outside and the inside of your body. The human mouth naturally has bacteria inside, but when your gums are healthy, these bacteria are less of a threat. With poor dental health, issues like periodontal disease become the biggest threat. Not only can these bacteria target the teeth, but they can also make their way into the bloodstream and cause infection throughout the body.

Heart Health

It is also worth noting that people with good gum health often have greater heart health. Exactly how gum health is linked to heart health is not precisely known. However, gum concerns like periodontal disease can increase the risk of infection and, equally important, inflammation. Inflammation can cause all sorts of health issues, including circulatory problems that can alter the ability of the heart muscle to function efficiently. Given the importance of good heart health, engaging in a practice that will keep your heart stronger is crucial. 

Mental Health

As previously mentioned, poor gum health can lead to tooth loss. While they might be overlooked by some people, the appearance of teeth has a significant appearance on the way you look. Since the way you look can directly correlate with how you feel about yourself, it is easy to recognize that tooth loss due to poor gum health could impact your mental health, and not positively. Declined mental health can be linked to conditions such as depression and can even limit an individual's desire to interact with friends and family. Keep your gums healthy to protect your mental health. 

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