Complete Tooth Removal: What Is Your Best Replacement Option?

Some people have many issue with their teeth, so much so that they may consider having them all pulled and replaced. If you are contemplating this option, you need to know about tooth replacements. You may think you only need dentures, but dental implants are a much better route to take. Here is why:

Why Aren't Dentures Enough?

If your teeth are in such bad condition that you want them removed, you may automatically assume that dentures are the way to go. Dentures are not the best option available for a variety of reasons. Dentures require a lot of upkeep and daily care. You have to remove them each day, clean them, and make sure they properly adhere to your mouth. You may find yourself struggling with them over time. Dentures also do not provide any jawbone protection. As time passes, you will notice significant jawbone deterioration.

Can't You Just Crown the Bad Teeth?

If you do not want to remove every single tooth, you may also consider crowning them as a tooth replacement option. There are a couple things to think about with crowns as an option. First, they can still get cavities because part of your natural tooth is still in your mouth. If you deal with excessive tooth decay, you may have to have them replaced again later on. If cost is a primary reason by choosing crowns over dental implants, keep in mind that crowns can be just as or even more expensive when you factor in the amount of them you will need and any potential replacements throughout your life.

Why Are Dental Implants the Best Option?

If you intend to have most or all of your natural teeth removed, dental implants are the most practical option. They are costly, but they will last a virtual lifetime and be the strongest possible replacement aside from your natural teeth. Dental implants will never decay because your entire natural tooth will be removed. They are more comfortable and feel more natural. Dental implants are also easy to care for. You simply brush and floss like you would your natural teeth. You will not be limited in the foods you eat, and you will not have any deterioration of your jawbone. Dental implants are permanent and will require little care aside from your normal bi-annual dental visits and daily hygiene.

If you are considering having your teeth removed, be sure to think about dental implants as a toot replacement option and contrast the benefits with the other options available.