Choosing The Right Color For Your Braces Bands

Teenagers who are about to get braces or currently wear them should think about the way the colors they choose make their teeth look. It's common for people to choose the color of their braces bands based on colors that they like, but the colors they choose can actually highlight stains on the teeth. Before your next orthodontist appointment, take the time to learn how to choose a band color that will make your teeth appear whiter. After all, you don't want yellowish teeth to be the focus of your selfies until your next appointment.

Stay Neutral

Keeping your braces as neutral as possible ensures you don't accidentally highlight any stains on your teeth, but it also doesn't make them appear whiter than they are naturally. It does help your braces blend in more, so that they don't draw a person's focus. To stay as neutral as possible, simply match the color of the bands you choose with your actual braces. For example, teens with metal braces should choose silver or grey bands, and teens with clear braces should choose clear bands.

Alternatively, you can talk to your orthodontist about using Invisalign tooth aligner trays in place of actual braces. Invisalign trays are clear, so your teeth show through them. They completely cover your teeth, making them difficult to notice. So if you're a teen that's picture-obsessed, Invisalign may be a good option for you.

Steer Clear of White

Even if you have the whitest teeth possible, your teeth are not as white as white braces bands. Because of this, bright white bands will make your teeth appear yellowish even if they aren't. Opt for clear bands instead of white bands to avoid your teeth appearing stained.

Choose Dark Colors

Dark colored bands will contrast with the light color of your teeth, which can make your teeth appear whiter. Black bands will provide the highest contrast. Navy blue is also a good option. If you don't like the idea of choosing bands that are that dark, make sure you're choosing the darkest shade of the color that you want. For example, if you want pink bands, choose dark or bright pink instead of baby pink.

The fact is, braces change your appearance, so you need to choose colors and styles that make you happy with the way you look. If you're worried that your braces will drastically affect they way you look, talk to your orthodontist about getting Invisalign trays instead of traditional braces.