Fillings: Your Dentist May Order Them For These Reasons

Some people are alarmed when their dentists tell them that they need fillings. This is often the case when people make the mistake of thinking that their teeth are in good condition. Dentists may recommend fillings for a number of reasons such as the following. 

Tooth Fracture

Sometimes people chip their teeth, and they might not know it especially if the damage is on a tooth in the rear of the mouth. Fractures may be discovered at routine dental visits. It is also possible for patients to experience sensitivity and go to their dentists for explanations about what is causing their sensitivity. Placing a filling over cracked teeth can aid in preventing them from getting additional damage. For example, tooth fractures can make teeth susceptible to cavities because bacteria can enter through the fractures. Fillings serve as barriers and prevent bacteria and food from entering fractured areas.


You have likely had a dentist to shine a light in your mouth at some point. When dentists examine teeth using lights and magnification, they can spot discolorations. Some discolorations such as white spots on teeth can be caused fluorosis or premature decay. Dentists may opt to use tooth-colored fillings for aesthetic purposes to hide stains on teeth. They can also use fillings to protect teeth that show early signs of decay. 


Sometimes teeth get damaged to the point where cavities are apparent. This can cause dental pain. It can result in obvious cavities such as black spots on teeth. Fillings are a good option for cavities because they can thwart further decay and stop the dental pain. There are numerous filling materials, and dentists choose the best material based on the extent of the cavities and patient preference. For example, metal is a durable filling material, but it conducts and can cause tooth sensitivity in some individuals. A patient who wants a discreet filling and has already complained of ftooth sensitivity would likely be a better fit for composite fillings made from resin. 

Enamel Erosion

Erosion can occur for a number of reasons. Even if decay is not present, erosion can cause sensitivity issues. One common cause of erosion is teeth grinding, but some people experience it as the result of eating acidic foods and drinking acidic beverages. Fillings used for this purpose are generally to curb sensitivity. If teeth grinding is the culprit, a customized mouthguard may also be recommended by the dentist to protect the filling.

A dentist is the best resource to use to understand the exact reason fillings have been recommended to you. They can also educate you on other dental services such as veneers, which can also enhance and protect the surfaces of teeth.