10 Natural Teeth Whiteners Under $10.00

Americans know that their smile is often the first thing that people look at, in fact, approximately 1.4 billion dollars is spent each year on over-the-counter teeth whitening products.  Rather than breaking the bank with these expensive teeth whitening options, try these 10 natural teeth whiteners, all under $10.00.

Toothpaste and Floss (approximately $3 for a 6.4 oz tube and about $2 for floss)

Regular visits to a place like Claremont Dental Institute and daily brushing, especially right after you eat or drink, is essential in maintaining a white and beautiful smile.  Flossing removes stains between your teeth and will also work to improve your gum health.

Coconut Oil (approximately $7 for a 30 oz tub)

There are several ways that you can apply this old, natural remedy to your teeth.  These include:

  • swishing a spoonful of coconut oil in your mouth for about 10-15 seconds and then spitting it out
  • brushing it on with a toothbrush
  • applying the oil to your teeth with the corner of a washcloth 

Baking Soda and Hydrogen Peroxide Mixture (approximately $2 for 4 lb of baking soda and $7 for a 16 oz container of hydrogen peroxide)

Baking soda has long been known to remove surface stains, and hydrogen peroxide is an anti-bacterial that works to clean your mouth and gums.  When forming this mixture to brush onto your teeth, start with a little bit of hydrogen peroxide and then slowly add the baking soda until you have a runny paste.

Apple Cider Vinegar (approximately $4 for 1 gallon)

Although this remedy takes a while to work (about a month), many people ensure that it looks like your teeth have been professionally cleaned after using it.  Brush your teeth with the vinegar and then either brush with toothpaste or rinse out your mouth with water or mouthwash afterward.

Crunchy Fruits and Vegetables (approximately $5 if you by a few types of vegetables like apples, celery or carrots)

Raw, crunchy fruits and vegetables are naturally abrasive meaning that they are able to polish your teeth and remove surface stains.  Additionally, every time you eat these types of food, your mouth will produce more saliva which improves the health and strength of your teeth.

Water (FREE)

This free solution will assist in removing any left over food or reside that you have on your teeth.  Try to drink a large glass of water after you eat and rinse for a couple of seconds to prevent additional staining.

Sugar-Free Gum (approximately $1 for a pack of gum)

Gums that contain natural sweeteners, called xylitol, help to prevent plaque growth because plaque cannot feed on this type of sugar.  Chewing gum can also increase saliva production which will work to wash and clean your teeth.

Baking Soda and Lemon Juice (approximately $2 for 4 lb of baking soda and $4 for 32 oz of lemon juice)

To form this stain fighting formula, mix several teaspoons of baking soda with enough lemon juice to form a runny paste (much like the hydrogen peroxide paste).  Before applying, be sure to wipe off your teeth to remove saliva and apply with a tooth brush.  Leave the mixture on your teeth for about a minute and then rinse out your mouth with water.

Raisins and Cheese (approximately $3 for 20 oz of raisins and $3 for a block of cheese)

Eating raisins causes your mouth to produce more saliva, which washes bacteria and plaque away.  Consuming cheese, which contains casein (a milk protein), calcium, and phosphate, will strengthen the enamel on your teeth.

Strawberries (approximately $3 for a 1 lb container of strawberries)

The vitamin C in strawberries works to rid your teeth of plaque build-up and the malic acid assists in removing surface stains.  To utilize this fruit, crush the strawberries until you have a runny paste.  Apply with a toothbrush, leave on for about 5 minutes, and then rinse off.  

By incorporating these 10 natural solutions, you can experience a whiter and brighter smile without having to pay the costs of professional or over-the-counter teeth whiteners.